We want to give back to the community this winter, so we're teaming up with KNDO in Yakima in their "Coats for Kids" campaign.  All three of our locations have boxes where you can bring in your new or gently used coats for children in need.  Please help us in this effort!  Also...if you bring in a coat, you can enter to win a Chomp bobblehead toothbrush holder. Please watch our commercial below for more information on how you can donate and get involved.  Let's help keep children warm this winter!
Community Dental has entered the Social networking age--finally!!!  We are now on facebook and Twitter.  We only have 9 fans and obviously need more.  So "like us" (if you'd like) and tell your friends about us.  We need help getting our name out there in the cyber world. Also, on our website, you can connect to our facebook page by clicking on one of our orange Community Dental logos.  They're all over our website waiting for you to click on them.  Try it...it's fun!  Also, if you're a "tweeter", follow us on Twitter and we'll follow you too.    
We have 3 new billboards up in Grandview and Sunnyside.  Give us a honk when you pass 'em by. Here's our Spanish one... And here's our English one... And here's us filming our commercial in front of one... Oh yeah...did we mention we're filming a few commercials?  Well, stay tuned!  They're going to appear here soon.  One in October and two more after the first of the year.  The local KNDO station will host our first commercial.  But we'll post them on YouTube when they are completed.  We're excited for their debut!  
At Community Dental we're not just building strong teeth, we're trying to build a strong sense of Community in the Lower Valley as well.  And we're always trying to give back to our community.  In May, our wonderful Doctors and Staff gave their precious time and services to the community by holding a FREE dental day here in Sunnyside. Chomp showed up for the day too, entertaining the kids while they waited for their appointments to begin. Our staff was so great to give their time and services for free. What a wonderful group of people. We are grateful for our staff AND the amazing community we live in. Thank you!!!
Here in Sunnyside at Sun Valley Elementary school, Chomp paid a visit to the kids on their last day of school before summer vacation.  Chomp had a great time with the kids...and it seems the kids enjoyed him too! Activities included Sidewalk Art.... ...parachute games... ...and tug-o-war. THANK YOU, SUN VALLEY, for letting Chomp share in the fun with your cool school and kids!  We love this community! If you want Chomp to visit your school or community event call us at: 837-7178!
This past winter, for the infamous farm implement parade here in Sunnyside, we decided to build our very own Community Dental float and see how well we would do in the judges eyes.  Above is a picture taken from the front page of the newspaper...and guess whose float made the cover?  Yours truly!!  In fact, we won first prize in the Kids' division parade floats.  Not too shabby for first time float builders, eh? The theme of our parade float had to obviously center around dental stuff! So of course we thought of the one and only Christmas song that talks about teeth...the familiar catchy tune of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"!!!  We had a few versions of the song playing loudly for the crowd to hear, while several life sized cut-outs of Chomp were displayed with flashing lights--AND missing their two front teeth, of course. Then we just HAD to have Santa in there somewhere, 'cause no one can resist seeing that jolly ol' fellow around waving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!  (Spoiler alert: Santa was played by none other than our very own Dr. Gary Martin!!!)  And of course, Santa had to be accompanied by our amazing Community Dental mascot, Chomp!  They both happily waved to the crowd from the highest platform on our float. Here they are (above) doing the "Gator Chomp" --ingeniously invented by the University of Florida Gators sports teams.  (BTW, a couple of our dentists graduated from the University of Florida Dental School.) Then on the back of our float we had two adorable kids (children of some of our staff) represent our "Two front teeth" concept.  Except our doctors have corrected us by explaining that they are actually "molar" teeth.  But whatever, who's going to recognize a huge pair of front teeth dancing up there?  Molar teeth seem to make for better costumes, don't ya think?  They did a great job though.  People in the crowd loved our little "teeth" kids dancing around and waving to them. Above:  Here she is in all her glory!  The daylight doesn't give it any justice!  But we had plenty of room for our staff and their kids to sit and wave to the crowd.  And when it was dark and all the lights were on, it was really something else! Our parade float sure did end up taking a lot of time and hard work.  But it was well worth it in the end.  It was so fun to have the staff and their kids join us for this fun occasion.  We hope to carry on this tradition year after year.  Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work and effort to make this experience so enjoyable!
In December we had our annual movie day for all our patients of Community Dental and Martin & Rodriguez Dental Center. This year we were excited that Chomp got to attend for the first time! What manners!  Opening the door for our valued patients! Each attendee got a free drink and popcorn to go along with the movie, including Chomp. YUM!!!!! Here's a glimpse at Chomp and our patients enjoying the show!  Thanks to all who attended, it was a great turn out!  We love all our patients!  
Chomp's pearly whites are looking good!  What a good patient!  He has a smile on his face as Dr Martin finishes up with flossing.

If you want Chomp to come by and visit your school or community center and teach kids about good oral hygiene, give us a call: 837-7178.

Chomp sure does like the staff at Community Dental.  They are very friendly! We are so pleased to welcome Chomp into the "Community Dental" family! He is so excited to get to know all the kids in the community.  Look for him at community events and don't forget to say "hi" to him--or even take a picture with him!  He sure loves to show off his big healthy smile!

This summer for the community's annual Sunny Days Parade Dr Gary Martin dusted off his old antique car and  decorated it "Community Dental" style.  It was sort of a last minute thing, but we think it turned out pretty good.

After all, we did win 1st place in the antique car division.  Not bad eh?

(below, Dr. Brent Martin posing with his niece and displaying the trophy received for best "antique car")

Dr. Brent Martin's son even dressed up to give the public a sneak peak at what our  new mascot "Chomp" will look like.

Below, our little "Chomp" gator enjoys passing out candy to parade goers with his dad, Dr Brent Martin.

Overall, it was a fun day.  And so much fun to see some of our staff and patients in the crowd.  It definitely got us in the mood to plan ahead and enter a float for the upcoming winter light parade where we want to have our staff and their families be in the parade too.  Stay tuned...