Here are a few snapshots from our Summer Employee BBQ in August. Below: Dr Martin as Chef Martin. Nice buns!

Thanks to the amazing side dishes contributed by the Community Dental staff, we had more than enough food to eat.  Yummy! Below: Dr Copeland (left) and Connie (right) sample some of the delicious goodness.

Laura and her daughter below: It was a perfect, casual summer evening.  And nice to spend time with each other outside the office setting.  Below: Brittney and her family sharing a laugh. Dr Martin, Sr. (Far left) and assistants, Yolanda, Alicia, Angie, and their families... The kid table? Eve and her family... One of our amazing hygienists, Liz and her husband. Sara, Connie, and Laura conversing... Sally and her husband. Looks like Dr Jim is enjoying the party too. Then we headed over to the pool for some cooling off. Dr Martin's son is a little TOO eager to get into the pool.  He waited patiently until they opened the doors. It was fun eating and playing with our Community Dental Family.  We can't wait until next year when we can do it again!
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