We’re Social!

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Community Dental has entered the Social networking age--finally!!!  We are now on facebook and Twitter.  We only have 9 fans and obviously need more.  So "like us" (if you'd like) and tell your friends about us.  We need help getting our name out there in the cyber world. Also, on our website, you can connect... Read more »

Strong Teeth! Strong Communities!

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We have 3 new billboards up in Grandview and Sunnyside.  Give us a honk when you pass 'em by. Here's our Spanish one... And here's our English one... And here's us filming our commercial in front of one... Oh yeah...did we mention we're filming a few commercials?  Well, stay tuned!  They're going to appear here... Read more »

Our New Website!

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We are pleased to announce that we finally have a website! Go to mycommunitydental.com to browse through all the pages. It is still a work in progress--but we are so excited to announce it to the world. Please leave your comments to let us know how we can better our website. Your Community. Your Dentist.... Read more »